Dying for a break? Human factors and fatigue management in the MRO sector

This article written by the RAeS Human Factors Group in Engineering (HFG:E) project team is an extract from the monthly magazine of the Royal Aeronautical Society, issued in September 2020.


ATR recently updated the Maintenance Procedure to be performed following Abnormal Runway Contact at landing, including Hard Landing events. It is the opportunity to provide the highlights of these changes.

Preventing Engine Run-Up Incidents

Several safety initiatives have been launched at international level to tackle safety challenges related to ground maintenance operations. ATR was informed in 2018 and 2019 of major ground incidents linked to engine run-up maintenance tests. Fortunately, no fatalities were linked to these events but major damage were reported and 3 ATR aircraft were declared beyond economical repair (hull loss). This article is about preventing the re-occurrence of such incidents by sharing best practices.

Flight safety theme of the ATR Connection Week – Runway excursion prevention

We invite you to watch the following Flight Safety theme of the ATR Connection Week.

In Service Events Maintenance Engineering

In-service system reliability is a key contributor to maintaining safety margins hence the summary provided in 2018.

FOA insight Wandering in the goldmine

The power of data ! While focusing on three topics ATPCS dynamic test, dual inputs and decelerated approaches, we highlight the power of data to analyse trends before more serious events ocurr.

Engine Fire Warning During Steep Slope Descent In Landing Configuration

We provide recommendations to avoid spurious engine fire warnings during descent. We extended the presentation to consider the benefits of standardised approaches.

Exceedance events

To return your aircraft safely to service following an exceedance event we focus on "Identify, Inform, Inspect."


ATR promotes Flight Data Monitoring as a key part of your safety management system.

Powerplant In Service Improvements

In-service powerplant reliability is a key contributor to maintaining safety margins hence the summary provided in 2018.