Fuel Quantity Indication System and Fuel Policy

By European regulation (CAT.OP.MPA.260), the captain is responsible to verify before each flight that the aircraft carries at least the planned amount of usable fuel to complete the flight safely, considering the expected operating conditions. This article provides guidance on the recommended fuel policy utilising the aircraft fuel quantity indication system and the fuel uplift calculation.

Freight operations utilizing the passenger cabin

Updated in Dec 2021. In the current context, you may need to temporarily switch to cargo operations, using the cabin to transport freight. While this may require the formal authorization from your local authorities, you will find in this article useful advice for establishing these operations in a safe manner.

Operaciones de carga utilizando la cabina de pasajeros

Actualizado diciembre 2021. En el contexto actual, es posible que deba adaptar temporalmente su operación al transporte de carga usando la cabina de pasajeros. Si bien esto puede requerir la autorización de la Autoridad Nacional competente, encontrará en este artículo consejos útiles para establecer estas operaciones de una manera segura.

Hotel Mode Start events

An ATR operator has kindly shared a safety bulletin they have issued after they encountered 4 similar events during engine start procedure with Hotel mode.


Watch ATR's speech during the Safety in African Aviation virtual event which took place in October 2020.

Best Practices Posters

ATR promotes best practices during Ground Handling via a set of 8 clear posters. You are free to download either the one which gathers all 8 pictures or download one by one each poster.

Fuel Management

This presentation focuses on the fuel management before, during and after the flight to mitigate the threat of low fuel quantity events.

Lithium Batteries

On any given ATR passenger flight there maybe over a 100 lithium battery devices in the passenger cabin. ATR strongly recommends ATR customers continually update their lithium fire procedures for cabin crew members.