In Service Feedback

In Service Feedback – Abnormal Runway Contact Prevention

The ATR72 operated a commercial flight from Kannur to Hubli airport. During the first approach runway 26, the aircraft touched down on the runway and bounced consecutively four times. The crew initiated a “Go-Around”. During the second approach, the aircraft bounced consecutively three times, before coming to rest on the runway. The crew switched off the engines on the runway and requested assistance from the ground staff.

In Service Feedback – Runway Excursion Prevention

An operator encountered a lateral runway excursion. In this particular event the aircraft sustained minor landing gear damage but the contributing factors are in common with more serious incidents associated with adverse weather conditions (heavy precipitation, reduced visibility and a wet runway). This highlights the benefit of threat and error management training.

In Service Feedback – Lateral Runway Excursion

Lateral Runway Excursion: report and ATR recommendations