Emergency Evacuation

Watch this video, which provides best practice on what to do during an emergency evacuation.


Watch ATR's speech during the Safety in African Aviation virtual event which took place in October 2020.

Confidently resuming your flying habits with ATR

Find out everything you need to know about the air flow in the #ATR cabin. As more and more airlines and passengers are taking to the skies again we share the necessary steps we’re proactively encouraging our operators to take to ensure that everyone can feel confident about getting back on board and enjoying their flight.

Cabin Safety

In the 2018 Flight Safety conference we provided an update on all aspects of cabin safety related to Stairs, Loading, Interphone / Public Address, Communication when wearing oxygen masks, Protecting Breathing Equipment (PBE), Lithium batteries and Cabin Crew Operating Manual Issue 4 (CCOM).

Lithium Batteries

On any given ATR passenger flight there maybe over a 100 lithium battery devices in the passenger cabin. ATR strongly recommends ATR customers continually update their lithium fire procedures for cabin crew members.